Apple announced the ‘One More Thing’ Apple Silicon event for November 10. In true Apple style, the company has added an Easter egg on its event page. The “One More Thing” special November event page features an AR trick that hints at upcoming Apple Silicon Macs.

Previously, Apple had added an Easter egg on its Special Events page for Apple Watch and iPad Air. They did the same for the iPhone 12 event. The Easter egg appeared right after Apple announced the special events. It shows up when you tap on the Apple logo on the special events page. You will be taken to a new menu with two options “AR” and “Object”.

In AR mode, the Special events Apple Logo appears in your camera menu. Once you switch to Object mode, the Apple Logo lies flat and starts beaming a series of colors. The best part is that it rises up, hinting at a MacBook lid. Furthermore, you can also take a screenshot and share it with friends. Needless to say, the easter egg clearly indicates at the first Mac powered by Apple Silicon custom chips.


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